Mid South Hydraulics

  Hydraulic Repair Specialist
  601 Hill Ave
  Nashville, TN 37210
  Phone: 615-477-9371

Hydraulic Pump Repair

We are partnered with qualified Pump repair companies that give us volume discounts so we can be compeditive in pricing. We can offer 2 day core exchange on certian pumps including

Sunstrand, Rexroth, Vickers and Denison.

We also offer an import direct replacement for some manufacturers.

Auto CAD

We have the ability to put your parts or modification made to your cylinders on Auto CAD for your records.

Machining Services

Our machining depart is very qualified to manufacture any parts we need for repair of your cylinders or parts you need for repair of your equipment.

Cylinder Repair

We Have experience repairing cylinders on mobile cranes including;

Liebherr Cranes

Grove Cranes

Terex cranes

National cranes


We can repair anything from the 50 ft long 13" bore Liebheer 650 ton telescope cylinder to the simple tie-rod cylinder.