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Mid South Hydraulics was founded in 2011 when our owner, Lee Henley, responded to the locally unmet need for large hydraulic repair. With over 35 years combined experience in the hydraulic repair industry we take pride in providing superior service to our customers.  Due to our 22,000 sq ft facility and highly experienced team, our capabilities are limitless when it comes to meeting the needs of our industry.  Our company specializes in large hydraulic cylinder repair as well as repair services for pumps, gear boxes, and ball screw cylinders.  We also have the ability to manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders.  Contact us today for all of your hydraulic repair needs.

We provide specialty cylinder repair!

Mid South Hydraulics


Founded: 2011

Owner: Lee Henley


Areas of expertise:  Mobile Crane

cylinder repair 

Mid South Hydraulics

  Hydraulic Repair Specialist
  601 Hill Ave
  Nashville, TN 37210
  Phone: 615-477-9371

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Liebheer Crane Counterweight Cylinders

We repaired this set of counterweight cylinders. One was a standard repair.  The other cylinder had a bad  barrel which required it to be cut apart, a new barrel to be manufactured in-house, and welded back together.  


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